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Analysis Services for the Paper, Pulp, Polymer, and Legal Industries.
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Sheet Splitting
Z-Direction Distributions

• Filler Percentage 
• Filler Type Percentage
• Fines Content and Fines Length Distribution
• Fiber Length Average and Distribution
• Fiber Width Average and Distribution
• Fiber Curl Average and Distribution
• Fiber Kink Angle and Distribution
• Fiber Fibrillation Degree
• Starch Percentage
• Wet Strength Percentage
• Solvent Extractables Content
• Any Detectable Parameter Content

Assists in Improving the Top, Bottom, and Internal Uniformity of the Sheet Structure to Reduce The Two Sideness of:

• Printability Characteristics
• Surface Strength
• Filler Content
• Fines Content
• Color Unifromity
• Curl
• Fiber Length
• Coating Penetration
• Starch Penetration

A​ssists in the Development of Z-Directional Gradients in Products When Needed
Sheet Splitter
Split Sheet
​Frankly sheet splitting is not easy.  It takes many years of experience to do it correctly.  We have been providing sheet splitting services for over 20 years and we  perform the splitting and know how meticulous one has to be to collect representative samples of the layers of your splits.  Each of us have over 25 years of experience in sheet splitting techniques.

Sheet Splitting used in conjunction with Morfi Fiber Analysis, Bauer McNett Fractionation, FTIR Spectroscopy, Analytical Testing such as Starch Content and other Chemical Testing Methods are very powerful tools in assisting you to improve your products performance.
Z-Directional Sheet Splitting