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Analysis Services for the Paper, Pulp, Polymer, and Legal Industries.
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Pulp and Paper Services, LLC is an independent testing laboratory that provides physical and optical testing services, for paper, pulp and other related products. We adhere to TAPPI, ASTM and ISO test methods that are conducted under TAPPI temperature and humidity conditions.
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​• Absorption Rate Castor Oil
• Absorption Time Water Drop
• Absorption Water Drop Penetration
• Alpha Cellulose
• Basis Weight
• Brightness, ISO and GE
• Burst, Mullen
• Caliper
• Castor Oil Penatration
• Cobb Water Absorption
• Coefficient of Friction, Horizontal & Inclined Plane
• Color Coordinates, CIE, Lab, L•a•b•, xyz
• Contact Angle of Water Drop
• Curl
• Fold, MIT
• Gloss, 75 degree
• Grease Resistance, KIT Test
•​ Modulus
• Moisture at TAPPI and Specified Conditions
• Morphi Fiber Analysis, see Fiber Analysis Page for Details
• Opacity
• Physical Testing of Pulp Handsheets
• Porosity, Gurley
• Ring Crush
• Scattering Coefficient
• Scott Bond
• Sheet Splitting, Beloit
• Smoothness, Sheffield
• Static Decay of Paper
• Stiffness, Taber
• Tear, Elmendorf
• Tensile, Breaking Length, TEA, Stretch, Dry & Wet
• Testing at Standard Temp and Humidity
• UV Index
• Water Absorption Rate
• Water Resistance, Dry Indicator Method
• WVTR, Standard and Tropical Conditions
• Whiteness

 • Morfi Automated Fiber Analysis
   • Coefficient of Friction, Horizontal and Inclined Plane
      • Tensile, Breaking Length, TEA, Stretch, Index
        • Tear Strength
           • Mullen Burst
             • Scott Bond
               • Fold, MIT
                 • Smoothness, Sheffield
                   • Handsheet Testing
                     • Brightness, ISO and GE
                       • Color Coordinates
                         • Opacity
                           • Porosity, Gurley
                             • Cobb Water Absorption
                               •  Stiffness, Taber
Pulp and Paper Analysis

Pulp and Paper Physical and Optical Testing
"Pulp and Paper Services has completed projects for different companies that I have worked for and his response has always been very rapid and thorough. Some of his fiber analyses were critical in developing new products that eventually were patented using some of Pulp and Paper Services data. They are very careful about his conclusions knowing that serious decisions are being made based on their data. I fully trust the work is completed by Pulp and Paper Services."


• Morfi Automated Fiber Analysis

    • Fiber Length vs. Fiber Width Density Map
    • Length Weighted & Weight Weighted Fiber Length Distribution (microns)
    • Arithmetic, Length Weighted, & Weight Weighted Fiber Length Average (microns)
    • Fiber Coarseness (mg/m)
    • Fiber Density (millions/gram of pulp)
    • Average Fibrill Length (microns) and Density
    • Macrofibrillation Index, %
    • % Fines in Length, Length Weighted and Area Distributions (microns)
    • Fines Density (millions/(gram of pulp)
    • Fines Density/Fiber Density Ratio
    • Average Fiber Width and Width Distribution (microns)
    • Average Fiber Width per Length Class (100 size classes)
    • Fiber Curl Index, % and Distribution
    • Fiber Curl per Length Class and # of Curled Fibers per Length Class (100 size classes)
    • Fiber Kink Angle and % and Distribution
    • Fiber Kink per Size Class (100 size classes)
    • Broken Fiber Content, %
    • Shive Analysis, Length, Width, Area, % Shives vs. Fibers
    • Vessel Segment Analysis, Length, Width, Area, % Shives vs. Fibers

            • Morfi analysis in conjunction with sheet splitting
              can provide a z-distribution profile of all the
              variables mentioned above.