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Analysis Services for the Paper, Pulp, Polymer, and Legal Industries.
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Analytical Testing
ANTEK Sulfur and Nitrogen Analyzer
Sheet Splitter
Split Sheet
• Viscosity of Pulp
  • Kappa Number
    • BTU, Calorific Content
      • Brookfield Viscosity
        • Nitrogen Content
          • Total Reducible Sulfur
            • CONEG Metals
              • Total Sulfur Content
                 • FDA Extractables
                   • Library of Congress Permanence Standards
                     • Acid Insoluble Ash
                       • Filler Distribution
                         • Solvent Extractables
                           • % Starch, with Z-Distribution
                             • See More Below

• Absorption Coefficient
• Absorptiveness of Sized Paper (Cobb Test)
• Acid Insoluble Ash
• Acid Insoluble Lignin 
• Acid Soluble Iron in Paper
• Additive Studies
• Alkali Solubility of Pulp at 25 Degrees C
• Alkali Solubility, Various %'s
• Alkalinity of Paper 
• Alpha, Beta, Gamma Cellulose
• Ash at 525 Degrees C
• Ash at 900 Degrees C
• Bauer McNett Fiber Classification
• Black Liquor % Solids
• Black Liquor BTU Value
• Black Liquor Nitrogen Content
• Black Liquor Sodium Sulfate
• Black Liquor Sodium Sulfide
• Black Liquor Sulfated Ash
• Black Liquor Sulfur Content
• Black Liquor Viscosity
• BTU, Caloric Content
• Calcium Carbonate Analysis
• Canadian Standard Freeness
• Carboxyl Content of Pulp
• Castor Oil Penetration of Paper
• Chlorides, Water Soluble
• CONEG Metals
• Consistency
• Contact Angle of Paper
• Copper Number
• Degree of Polymerization
• Dichloromethane Extractables
• Dirt in Paper and Paperboard
• Drainage Time of Pulp
• Electrical Conductivity
• Electrical Conductivity and Resistivity of Water
• Elemental Content, click here to see elements
• Ethanol-Tolune Extractives
• Extractives in Wood and Pulp, Acetone
• FDA Extractables
• Felt Analysis
• Fiber % Fines and Distribution 
• Fiber Curl Index
• Fiber Kink Angle
• Fiber Length Distribution
• Fiber Width Distribution
• Fines %, Z-Plane Distribution
• Formaldehyde Content
• Forming Handsheets for Physical Tests of Pulp
• Glue Content
• Grease Resistance
• Handsheet Studies
• Handsheets for Reflectance of Pulp
• Heating Value
• Kappa Number
• KIT Oil Resistance
• Klason Lignin
• Latency Removal, Mechanical Pulps
• Library of Congress Permanence Testing
• Moisture
• Morphi Fiber Analysis, see Fiber Analysis Page for Details
• Nitrogen Content
• One Percent NaOH Solubility of Wood and Pulp
• Pentosans Content
• pH & Electrical Conductivity, Hot Water Extracts
• pH, Cold Extraction
• pH, Hot Extraction
• Physical Testing of Pulp Handsheets
• Pitch Content
• PVOH Content
• Sheet Splitting - Z-Direction
• Silicates and Silica in Pulp (Wet Ash Method)
• Silver Tarnishing by Paper and Paperboard
• Solvent Extractives of Wood and Pulp
• Starch % in Paper
• Starch Cooking Viscosity Curves
• Sulfates, Water Soluble
• Sulfur, Total
• Sulfur, Total Reducible Sulfur
• Titanium Dioxide Analysis
• Turpentine Test
• Viscosity of Polymers, Brookfield
• Viscosity of Pulp, Capillary
• Viscosity of Pulp, Falling Ball
• Water Drop Absorption Test
• Water Immersion of Paperboard
• Water Resistance of Paper, Dry Indicator Method
• Water Solubility of Wood and Pulp
• Wax Content of Paper
• WVTR at 23 C and 50% RH
• WVTR at Tropical Conditions
• Zinc and Cadmium in Paper

"I have used Pulp and Paper Services several times over the years. They have proven to be professional and reliable with all of their analyses. I would (and have) recommend them to others."


• Morfi Automated Fiber Analysis

    • Fiber Length vs. Fiber Width Density Map
    • Length Weighted & Weight Weighted Fiber Length Distribution (microns)
    • Arithmetic, Length Weighted, & Weight Weighted Fiber Length Average (microns)
    • Fiber Coarseness (mg/m)
    • Fiber Density (millions/gram of pulp)
    • Average Fibrill Length (microns) and Density
    • Macrofibrillation Index, %
    • % Fines in Length, Length Weighted and Area Distributions (microns)
    • Fines Density (millions/(gram of pulp)
    • Fines Density/Fiber Density Ratio
    • Average Fiber Width and Width Distribution (microns)
    • Average Fiber Width per Length Class (100 size classes)
    • Fiber Curl Index, % and Distribution
    • Fiber Curl per Length Class and # of Curled Fibers per Length Class (100 size classes)
    • Fiber Kink Angle and % and Distribution
    • Fiber Kink per Size Class (100 size classes)
    • Broken Fiber Content, %
    • Shive Analysis, Length, Width, Area, % Shives vs. Fibers
    • Vessel Segment Analysis, Length, Width, Area, % Shives vs. Fibers

            • Morfi analysis in conjunction with sheet splitting
              can provide a z-distribution profile of all the
              variables mentioned above.
Listing of Analytical Tests Offered

Pulp and Paper Services, LLC provides many TAPPI, ASTM, and ISO based analyses for the pulp, paper, and chemical industries. Some of the specialized analytical services that we provide are: sulfur content testing, nitrogen content testing, BTU/heating value testing, CONEG metals, FDA testing as outlined in 21 CFR 170.176, total reducible sulfur, reverse engineering, inorganic identification, and organic identification.